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National Popularity Increases Local Tourism

September 21, 2010

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HAMMONDSPORT, N.Y. — Lakes, wineries and the Glenn Curtiss Museum. Despite the recession, the Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce is seeing an increase in tourists. People from 42 states and 16 countries have stopped in the Village of Hammondsport so far this year.

“We came in to just enjoy the beauty of the area. And then to go to the Curtiss Museum. That was the main attraction for us,” said Nanette Dominguez, who’s visiting the Finger Lakes from California.

The Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce says those are just a few reasons the village has seen so much action this year.

“We’re a secret that’s getting out there. People discover us and they like what they see and they come back and they tell their friends and they come back, too,” said Mary Roller, of the Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, the Chamber reports they have seen visitors from every state except Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming.

“And it’s funny, the ones that we’re missing. We’ve already got somebody from Alaska and Hawaii,” said Roller.

“I expected more of the locals, to meet more locals. And so, to keep running into people from around the country, it’s fun too,” said Dominguez.

Roller says she thinks national press has something to do with the 11 percent increase in tourists from this time last year.

“We are listed on as the top lake vacation destination in the world,” said Roller.

The Finger Lakes region has also been mentioned in USA Today and Budget Travel because a trip to the Finger Lakes can be done on a tight budget.

“It’s the fact that they can come here in their own vehicle within a five to, you know, six hour drive and not have to get on a plane and do all that plane stuff,” said Roller.

And with a number of festivals taking place in the Finger Lakes region in the next couple of months, people from the Hammondsport Chamber of Commerce are hoping to see visitors from those other eight states stop by by the end of the year.

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