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Hammondsport on Rochester YNN

June 20, 2011
Hammondsport NY
Getaway Guy:Keuka Lake Getaway


Home base, The Esperanza Mansion at Bluff Point.  From the guest rooms to the views to the food, this gem overlooking Keuka Lake is a great place to spend the night. I chose the Country Cottage Inn right next to the mansion.  Traveling to Branchport on Rt. 54A, look for Esperanza Rose, the classic wooden boat that tours the lake! Continuing south on Rt. 54A, the scenery along Keuka Lake’s west side is easy to take in at the posted 35 to 40mph speed limit. You eventually come to the village of Hammondsport to find shops and restaurants. This is where you’ll want to park the car and stroll around.

Just west out of the village, take a right onto Rt. 54 and just up the road, the Glenn Curtiss Museum where the history of aviation is on display. There is also an impressive Civil War exhibit until September 5th.

Now, head north onto Rt. 54, the east side of Keuka Lake. Half way up the lake, look for many small wineries including Ravine’s Wine Cellars where a flight of wine is paired with a flight of ‘chocolate’!  Before I head back to home base at Esperanza, I’ll be stopping by Seneca Farms on Rt. 54A in Penn Yan for a double scoop of homemade ice cream! Yum!

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