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We know….. but do they?

November 14, 2011

As independent retailers, we know the impact that “buying local” has on us and our community, but the rest of the community members may not be as aware of this impact. Why should they be? Their livelihood isn’t dependent on it!
• Do they know that if ½ of the employed population spent $50 per month in locally owned independent businesses, $42.6 Billion would be generated nationally?
• Do they know that for every $100 spent in locally owned independent businesses, $68 returns to the community compared to $43 when we shop at a chain, and $0 when we shop online?
• Do they know of the donations that local independent businesses make to local causes?

The “Buying Local” focus simply asks our community to be aware of these facts, and to buy local when possible. Every product isn’t available locally, so there will always be a need for the national chains and online services. But when the products are available “Buying Local” is good for the whole community.

So, if we (as local independent businesses) depend on our community to shop with us, are we doing our best to make shopping locally an awesome experience? Are we listening to their needs and solving their problems? Are we maintaining well kept attractive businesses (inside & out)? Are we price competitive? Are we providing “knock your socks off” customer service? Are we buying locally as much as we can? If we answer “no” to any of these then we need to take action to improve!

(Cynthia Wilson is a local retailer and Chamber Board Member. If you would like more information on the “buying local” program, email her c/o the Chamber at )

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