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The Greater Hammondsport Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c) corporation.   Our mission is to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Greater Hammondsport Area for the benefit of its citizens and all areas of its business community.   As we promote our area, we give particular attention to the economic, civic, commercial, industrial, and educational interests of the Hammondsport & Keuka Lake area.  If this seems like a large task, that’s because it is!  It is especially daunting when you consider that we’re a very small town, and rely heavily on volunteers and the generous support of our membership.   If you are a member, thank you for the support.  If you’re not a member,  please consider membership.  An application is on this website.  Please look over this website for more about Hammondsport & Keuka Lake.  And when in town,  please stop by our new Visitor Center located on Hammondsport’s Historic Village Square (at 47 Shethar St.); where Marybeth Hafner, our Office Manager; and her staff and volunteers will be very happy to assist you.
Or email us 
Or phone us at 607-569-2989
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